I can honestly say that committing to hiring a trainer like Brooke was the best decision I ever made! She took the time to educate me on macronutrients and tracking them, not just giving me a cookie cutter meal plan, but one that I could actually make a lifestyle! I lost over 25lbs and never dropped below 195 grams of carbs. I can’t possibly list all the things I gained but mainly confidence. Confidence in myself that I could do anything I set my mind to! And I learned so much about lifting and being in the gym pushing yourself. My life will never be the same :) 100% recommend Brooke I wish I would have done it years ago 😊😊


Once I "retired" from competitive sports, got married, and had kids I in a sense felt like I lost my identity. I tried every yo-yo diet to lose the baby weight only to gain it back and then some. When I finally had enough of feeling tired and miserable I found Brooke. She has gone above and beyond in helping me reach my goals! She is truly interested in your health - both mentally and physically. After working with Brooke for a couple months I set the goal of competing in a bikini competition - never did I feel like I was starving - there were no extreme measures taken. Yes, I met my goal of stepping on stage (in probably the best shape of my life), but what has been the most important is the confidence and mindset toward food that I developed. I can't thank Brooke enough! The tools and knowledge she gave me is something I can continue to use the rest of my life.



"Going into week 11 I am so pleased with my results thus far.  I've lost 5% body fat and gained noticeable muscle and I'm so excited for bikini season!  Brooke's programs are fun and she works with me and my schedule."

-Crystal [age 34-mom of 4]

"Brooke is a great personal trainer!  Her vast knowledge of diet and exercise has been helpful in my fitness journey.  Being a gym rat already for a solid 3 years, I wasnt getting the results I wanted, so I decided to get the push I needed.  Her workout programs gave me just that!  I lost 4% body fat in the 16 weeks that I prepared for my first competition.  I am thankful for her motivation and support along the way!"

-Rachel [age 30]

"I am 45 years old and have always been active and enjoyed working out but have never really been satisfied with my body. I wanted to do a bikini competition! I was scared to death but Brooke walked me through the entire process..from work outs and personal training to meal plans and myfitnesspal. She gave me recommendations for tanning and waxing and teeth whitening..and the details one needs to accept such a venture! I am proud to say that with Brookes help I have competed in two fitness competitions and at age 45 I am in the best shape of my life! Brooke is fun and motivating and lives the life she Inspires the rest of us to follow!"


Having a personal trainer like Brooke makes all the difference. We have spent two (sometimes three) days a week together for an entire year.  I can honestly say that I could not have not it without her. Best money ever spent (weight is gone, cholesterol is perfect, I have tons of energy and I’m fitting in clothes I never thought I’d wear again). I love saying, “yeah, I’m almost 40 AND I just had a baby, AND I’m in the best shape in many years!” Through the ups and downs (being very sick, postpartum back trouble, etc.) she was always there encouraging me, and on the days that I really did NOT want to work out, having a personal trainer got me to the gym. THIS is key!! If I had not made the investment – there are many, many times that I would have bailed on myself (we all do it, right).


“Being a male with the focus of competing mens physique I was skeptical of working with a female.  However, my hesitance was followed by awesomeness and striated deltoids. Working with Brooke helped me take my physique to the level that I'd always yearned for. The experience was everything I feel it should be, and as long as you are willing to WORK, Brooke will be there every step of the way to help you achieve the goal. She truly values her clients and anyone who invests their time with her will not be disappointed.”


"Brooke works with people of all ages and levels of fitness, and is so knowledgeable about nutrition! She helped me drop 20+ pounds in preparation for my first bikini competition. With her support, and booty-kicking, customized workouts, I was stage ready! I highly recommend Brooke as a personal trainer!"


“Brooke is a great trainer! I loved attending her bootcamp class. Regardless of fitness level, Brooke was able to keep everyone challenged and motivated. Looking forward to her next class!"

-Beth [age 57]

"For my 50th birthday, I wanted to challenge myself with a sprint triathlon.  Having never done anything like this before I sought the expertise of a fitness trainer.  Not only did Brooke challenge me with varied workouts, but she also taught me healthy eating habits that I could sustain.  Her encouragement and motivation throughout my journey pushed me to reach my goals.  I couldn't have done it without her!"

-Donna [age 50]

Brooke is your girl!

"I have done two weight loss challenges with Brooke and am now doing a 5k challenge, as well as one on one training sessions. The first challenge I completely gave up and honestly didn't think I would ever be able to achieve my goals, but when I reached out to Brooke, she was so positive and understanding that I ended up doing a second challenge which I placed first! Never, ever would I have thought I could finish it, let alone lose the most pounds and inches. The way she provides you with all the info, plus a support group, and weekly challenges, it really helps keep you on track. I am just beyond excited to see how the 5k challenge helps me! I highly recommend Brooke for anyone of any fitness level."


Brooke is so knowledgeable, she can find a program and make it work for anyone. I have 3 kids, and no time to go to the gym. She gave me a amazing program I could do right at home, just 30 mins a day! She's supportive and there for you when you need her on your fitness journey!


Brooke is the best!

"I am a 60 year old woman with bone on bone arthritis in my knee. Brooke has been a life saver. I started working with her a year ago. I am much stronger and my balance has improved. My knee pain is never more than a 3-4 as long as I get to the gym. She tailors my workouts to keep my knee healthy. Brooke has really been a blessing to my health!!"


Brooke is the absolute best at what she does. It makes a huge difference to train with someone who loves what they do and is not only extremely motivational but also generally just a great person. She is all that and more. I've never met anyone as self motivated and driven to live a healthy and positive lifestyle. She is truly an inspiration and the best trainer and coach a person could ask for!


"Your vast knowledge of sports/the body shows in the array of skills and abilities that you possess. Along with getting a team to get motivated enough to accomplish above and beyond the goals set in order to succeed, you have helped us learn valuable techniques. Your ambitious attitude towards fitness and willingness to help allows individuals to succeed at high levels. I know I gained valuable experience working with you from your work ethic and your overall love of the field.  

-Jeremy [age 21-college soccer player]

"I love working out with Brooke! I have had knee pain for years, her corrective movement approach to weightlifting has been a godsend. She modified our sessions and meal plans to fit my specific needs. (Which is not an easy task). And with her guidance I have gained confidence in myself, I now can walk into any gym and not feel overwhelmed, I know what to do and more importantly I know how to do it correctly. After starting with Brooke, I immediately started to feel stronger and was looking better in my clothes again.


I cannot say enough good things about Brooke she is great trainer and an even better person."


Looking for an amazing trainer? You've come to the right gal!

I have known Brooke a few years now. In the beginning I had come to her with many questions while on my own quest for a healthier body. Later deciding to take her on as a coach who basically turned into a mentor. I've had a few personal set backs, but plan to come back after pregnancy and start where we left off and continue my quest for overall well being. If you want to have just the right amount of push and shove, whos highly dedicated to do all she can for you to be where you would like to be, then I absolutely recommend Brooke to train you- male or female. Definitely one of the best around and one of the most real people I know, and if I can say I'm happy I put my trust in her, you can too ;)


Trainer from the gods

"Brooke is a hardworking, knowledgeable trainer. She has trained me during an 8-week challenge, during her HIIT classes, and has written a training program for me. Her programming is excellent, helping you reach your fitness goals, whether it's greater endurance, fat loss, or muscle gain. She also provides excellent Facebook support when doing the 8-week challenge.

Following her programming I saw a decrease in fat percentage and an increase in the weight and volume I could lift. She also helped me focus on improving my eating habits to maximize the results from working hard in the gym.

Brooke is an excellent trainer and you should check her out."



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