Making time for me...

In our lives today we are all so busy that we don’t take time for ourselves, and as selfish as it sounds, we ALL need time to do things that are just for us. When we don’t, it puts stress on our relationships, causes us to be unhappy, and just plain stresses us out. I’m at a point in my life that I am truly struggling with finding time for me, but with just a half hour there are a few things you can do to really de-stress. So for those of you just feeling completely bogged down with your to do list, here are some things that will make the most of your free half-hour to rejuvenate you and get you back ready to rock and roll.

1. Reading. Grab your old favorite book and find a quiet spot (preferably outside). Losing your mind in an old favorite will help you feel relaxed in a very short amount of time, also by grabbing a book that you’re already familiar with you don’t have to worry about extra time to read that next chapter to see what happens;)

2. Yoga it up. You don’t need a teacher, a class, or even a video to do this. Again, find somewhere quiet and touch your toes, keep your movements slow and relaxed. Even without performing any real stretches there are breathing techniques you can use to open your lungs and clear your mind in a very short amount of time. In through your nose, out through your mouth. *sigh*

3. Shake it! If music is your release, pop some headphones in your ears and get dancing. It doesn’t have to be pretty or choreographed because (hopefully) no ones watching, and if they are, you shouldn’t even care because this is YOUR time. Getting active will release some of the tension stored up in your muscles and the right music has been proven to uplift even the saddest of people.

4. Run away! Not literally…although sometimes that sounds nice. This one kind of goes along with dancing, but any kind of exercise will do wonders for your mind and body. Exercise releases dopamine which literally makes you happy, so if you’re feeling stressed lace up those tennies and hit the pavement. (bike ride, walk, skip, elliptical…all the same)

5. Write it out. Pick up a pen and write down whatever comes to mind. Draw a picture if that sounds better, whatever it is just allow your mind to let go of the thoughts bouncing around inside of it. Journaling can be an easy, consistent way to stay centered because you can jot down a sentence or two between meetings or during phone calls without devoting a whole chunk of time to it, but still reap the benefits of getting it on paper.

These are all things that I use to keep my mind at ease when my body is constantly going and they do wonders for me. If these all sound horrible to you, find something YOU love and just do it. Don’t hesitate to set your alarm a half hour earlier in the morning just to get the time you need, because time for YOU really is important and should be made a priority.


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