Bodybuilding Bikini Competition Prep Phase 4- 8 Weeks Out!


So I don’t have measurements for here either, but you can see my body had made its most rapid change and was now very gradually making its last little transformations. And yes, that first picture is pretty horrendous, but hey you shouldn't look cute after working out anyway right;) P.S. Check out the shoulder progress!!

You should be gradually getting more and more strict with your diet (no more cheat days/meals, complex carbs only, lean meats), staying consistent with your workouts and posing as much as possible. You should register for your show about now and get the low down on check in times, tanning, and hotel reservations. Often if you register early for the competition you get something free (t-shirt, etc.) and you can get special rates on a room. Be prepared to drop at least another $100 on registration, $120 for your yearly NPC membership, and yet another $100 on tanning (unless you do it yourself-I’m going to get mine done because I’ve heard its worth not having to worry about the hassle).

I wrote up a new program leaving reps the same but added another set (3-4) and increased my interval cardio to 3-4 days/week. Ideally, cardio is done after strength training, but with HIIT you can really see great results even if its done in separate sessions. Occasionally, on upper body days I would only do a longer interval strength workout getting both my strength training and cardio in one:). This is the time that the competition became very real for me, I was seeing great results in my physique because I was losing more fat, and felt so strong in my workouts.

As far as diet is concerned, I decreased my calories staying around 1400-1600 cal per day and I continued to carb cycle. I found that my body operates very well on low carbs, so energy was never an issue for me as I had read was the case with so many other bikini competitors.

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