Bodybuilding Bikini Competition Phase 5 - 4 Weeks Out!!!


My measurements here are as follows:

WEIGHT: 134lbs

WAIST: 26"

HIPS: 37.5

THIGH: 21.5"

CHEST: 32.5"

BF %: 13%

At four weeks out, you look great, you feel great and should really start seeing your hard work pay off. If you’re not, you need to quickly adjust some things. I began to reduce my calories even further staying at 1500-1600 cal, 1800ish on high carb days and changed my profile to reduce fat even further to a 60/30/10. I started eating only lean meats like fish (watch salmon, its high in fat), chicken, and turkey (not ground) and the only “fats” I take in are the ones in the meats I eat. I stopped drinking any almond or flax milk, no more nuts, avocados, or peanut butter:(( (For those as addicted to peanut butter as me, you can get PB2 the powdered peanut butter, this was a lifesaver for me!!) This extremely low fat isn’t ideal for sustaining health but for the last four weeks it’s a great way to get cut quickly. Your meals are very specific at this point so prepping is KEY, it is vital you are getting enough calories to sustain your muscles. I already wasn’t eating dairy, but if you are you should cut it as well as other bloating foods like certain vegetables and legumes. Now is also good time to begin taking progressive pictures daily as your carbs fluctuate so you can see which foods affect your body and how. I’ve read a ton of articles and blogs that girls talk about being cranky and exhausted during these last few weeks due to the lack of calories/carbs and crazy workouts. I can honestly say I have never felt better, and I don’t think this process should be something that you feel horrible on because that is your body telling you it’s missing something and with proper nutrition you should be able to fuel it.

It’s also time to make all your appointments. A lot of people do it themselves (I am), but if you plan on getting your hair and makeup done, set it up. Make your waxing appointment for a few days before the show to give time for any redness or swelling to reduce. Make your tanning appointment official. A photo shoot is another thing that a lot of people like to do before the show, you worked your ass off to look amazing, you might as well document it! I began going tanning at about 6 weeks out also only because of the photo shoot...I was white as a ghost, not a good look for me. Start looking at this (CHECKLIST) so you can begin getting all the little things together that you will need the day of. Don’t forget to practice posing!

I changed my program again at 4 weeks but continued to lift heavy, still going strong! My lifts have increased significantly and it feels amazing:D. As I said before I will get 1 or 2 heavy lifts in like a 5x5 squat or press, and then do my accessory exercises at higher reps. I increased the accessory reps to 15-20 and increased my cardio to 4-5 days a week.

I'm currently sitting in my hotel room posting this, about to go to our early registration meeting!! So excited and I can't wait to share everything else up to this point with you NEXT WEEK!! Wish me luck.

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