So peak weak looks different for everyone…the idea of it is as the name states, recover your body and muscles to their peak condition and definition the day of your show. Ideally, you should experiment about 8-12 weeks out to see which foods and combinations of water, carbs, fats and proteins, sodium, etc. make your muscles the most full looking without looking too vascular or bloated. Well, I found this out too late to experiment, so I did is called carb loading. I did a two day carb deplete the Tuesday and Wednesday two weeks out from the show then increased my carbs each day for 3 days until my muscles began losing their definition. I had intended on staying at 200g then tapering off closer to the show, but I was having some digestive issues with all the carbs so I had to cut back, then do another carb load the day before and day of the show. I still feel like I came in a little bloated, but I now know my body doesn’t do well with prolonged high carbs. Show Day I didnt track it, but I snacked on protein pancakes, rice cakes, and gluten free scones with almond butter all day until I went on stage. Drank water when I thought about it.

As for workouts, I had my last leg day on the Friday a week before the show. Monday I did an upper body circuit. Tuesday I did a 15 min AMRAP of bodyweight exercises. Wednesday I did my last upper body circuit and core, and Thursday I jumped on the elliptical for 40 minutes while I studied for a Spanish midterm:) Friday was a rest day.


Where do I even begin. I’ll start at the very beginning. We left the day before the competition to drive up to Lincoln City, which is 4 hours away. I wanted to make sure we had time to rest and get comfortable with everything before we were rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off….which we were. Anyway, we got there about 4 which gave us a couple hours before early registration began so we made the mistake of getting in the hot tub. As we sat soaking up the amazing warm water, we wondered why there weren’t any other competitors in there. Apparently the chemicals from the hot tub can react with the spray tan chemicals and cause issues :o Luckily, that didn’t occur, but I think it has an effect on your muscles as well that’s probably not the best for pre-competition. It felt great regardless.

We were warned to show up super early or super late for registration and failed to heed the warning, so we did end up standing in line for almost 45 minutes to register, but it only took 5 minutes once we were up to the front. We had to fill out NPC registration, then have our height checked, and we were then given our competitor badges “to be worn at all times” (yea lost mine as soon as I got backstage[Symbol]). Then we were able to relax a little…kinda. We drank a small glass of wine to celebrate/use as a diuretic and then went to practice our posing a little. I’m not sure if it was the wine, or the sidewalk, or perhaps a little of both but it was very difficult and certainly not representative of how I was hoping to look on stage the next day haha! But it was fun nevertheless. We had an early bedtime of 9:30, which would have been awesome had I not woken up at midnight when the rest of our crew arrived at the hotel room and could NOT go back to sleep. My mind was racing, my legs were aching, and I was wide awake. I got up and stretched for a little, sneakily ate some protein pancakes, and finally fell back asleep around 5 am, only to be woken up at 6:30 by the excessively early alarm Crystal had set:|

My tanning appointment wasn’t until 9:45, but we had to check out of our hotel at 11 and there was a competitor meeting at 10:30 so my plan was to get my hair done, then do my makeup at the casino before the show. I was originally nervous about the tan, but it wasn’t a big deal at all. They put you in a plastic tent, you strip down to nothing, and they spray you. Then you switch tents with a big fan blowing on you for about 5 min- and voila! You’re orange! Hehe. It all essentially went to plan, but we ended up in a massive rush all morning because we weren’t really sure how much time we had before we had to be on stage, and there were people EVERYWHERE back stage getting ready, and there was NO light to do makeup. We ended up securing a spot in the bathroom with decent lighting (not great) and was able to do it there, in a crazy rush. We were completely ready to go by 12:30 including suits glued, makeup done, top glaze of the tan, pumping up….but Crystal didn’t go on stage until about 2:30, and I didn’t go on till almost 4! All the crazy rushing and stressing was for naught. I won’t lie, I almost had a breakdown or two when my nails popped off, I realized I lost my badge, then couldn’t find my shoes (they all look the same!). Thank you Carla for keeping me calm<3 Word to the wise: BRING WINE. After setting the bottle out on the table and coming back to it a couple hours later, we found that we weren’t the only ones that were nervous;)

So, as I said Crystal was up first so I was by myself in the prepping area listening to music, watching girls disappear back stage in a line. Finally she came out on stage and TOTALLY ROCKED IT! She hit all her poses perfectly and looked so amazing and placed 3rd!! After she left to watch the rest of the show, I put my headphones in and paced, doing light sets of isometric arm exercises and glute extensions to pump up. The anticipation was killing me at this point, I was so ready to go on stage. Finally it was my turn. I grabbed a pump up band and we headed back to a small makeup room off the side of the stage where we were given our numbers to be pinned on the left side of our bottoms. I was 156. We then lined up and were given stage directions and at LAST our height group was announced! Butt out, shoulders back, SMILE annnd strut.

I felt good about my posing and my transitions felt smooth, but because there were so many girls in my division (16) it seemed like we were up there FEEERREEVVERRR. I was called out in the first 5 to come forward, which is always a good sign. The judges had us turn in half turns in 3 different poses: a front pose, a back pose on a hip, and a cross legged back pose. I think they turned us around 3 or 4 times before they sent us to the back as the other girls came out in groups of 5 or 6. We then exited the stage and had to get right back in line for our individual presentations. These consisted of 3 different stops across the stage where you pick the poses you want. At this point the judging has been done, they are just tallying the scores so it’s totally personal preference. Some girls do a front pose at all three, I did the three different stage poses. We then line back up and they call out the top 5 to come back out on stage and call out the places starting with 5th. I was the third one called out! As they worked their way up in place and my name wasn’t being called I’m not even sure how but I know my smile just got bigger and bigger. First place baby!! Sure, I had thought about how amazing it would be to win, but honestly didn’t feel I even had a chance being that it was my first show and come to think of it I’ve never won first in anything! Lol...sad but true.. But honestly, there were so many women with amazing physiques, I would hate to be a judge.

So the worst part about it all...I found that when I’m nervous I badly in fact that they had to retouch up my face, back, chest and arms when I came off stage in order for me to go right back on for the overall. Fairly embarrassing, but what can ya do?

So going on for the overall I felt much better, I knew how it was going to feel and exactly what I was expected to do, but I was SOOOO tired at that point. I don’t know how long we were up there, it seemed like a seriously long time. After much adieu, Vivian Aiello was announced the overall winner. She more than deserved it, she had a beautiful presentation and an amazing physique. She also has goddess like hair which always helps.

I walked off the stage a winner in more ways than one. This was a huge step for me in so many ways from my self-confidence to publicity for my career. I have learned more about my body and it’s needs as well as reactions to different training. I know competing is not for everyone, but I think everyone needs to find something that motivates them to become healthier and more aware of their bodies whether that be a paleo potluck once a month or a race or competition of some sort. But I have to say, there’s no motivation like being half naked in 6 inch heels on stage in front of at least a hundred people! ;)

The pictures are all from the overall, the girl in green won.

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