Post Competition Life

So as much as I did enjoy competition prep, there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders once it was over. I have so much going on right now with, training, school, and trying to maintain a life with my husband that once the show was over, I had to completely switch modes. The week after the competition I had to get all my homework done ahead of time because I left for Colorado to see my brother. I only got 3 workouts in that week and did no meal prep of any sort. Luckily, we eat pretty well and my husband is a saint for cooking food so I didn’t fall completely off the wagon, but I will tell you I didnt even LOOK at myfitnesspal. I also had a ton of clean desserts I had made pre competition to save me from going sugar crazy.

As far as the show goes, there are a couple things I would do differently.

  • I would make sure my makeup was done right after my spray tan, or possibly before. Having to find decent lighting to do your makeup backstage is a joke. Plus, there are a ton of other girls trying to do the same thing.

  • I will make sure to superglue my nails on. The ones I bought were stick on and that was an epic fail. I didn’t have nail polish remover to clean my nails beforehand, and the nails didn’t come with super glue so I ended up popping off like 3 of them before going on stage which just added to my stress.

  • Put all show stuff in ONE bag. I had like three and I kept losing which bag I had put what in and feeling like I was in a hurry on top of having three different bags to look in when I needed something was just ridiculous.

  • Next time I will bring my kettlebell to warm up with. I had brought resistance bands, but left them in the car. Luckily they actually supplied some but I borrowed someone’s dumbbells that were sitting next to my bag:P- there was no shortage. Plus they had a bin of them for everyone to use, but I prefer my own.

  • Another thing I want to do before my next show is make my shoes unique somehow. I’m thinking a rhinestone pattern will do the trick. Looking around for my shoes and seeing three of the same kind all around me didn’t help my stress level.

  • RELAX. Just having been through my first show, I know I will feel better about the next one but try to enjoy the entire process. I spent so much time rushing around stressing about where I needed to be when I worked myself up and that is never fun. Enjoy the moment, trust your practice and rock the stage with confidence.

So as I write this I’m flying back from my week in Colorado with my brother. Staying in a hotel is not conducive to healthy eating, but I didn’t do too horribly as far as food goes. We made homemade chipotle burritos and bowls with a rotisserie chicken, a box of spinach, canned corn and black beans, guacamole, microwave rice and cheese. Pretty delicious. That made up most of my meals, but I did indulge in some *coughaboxcouch* of oreos and other various chocolates. What can I say, I love my sweets. I stayed extremely active though, which was good. The first day I tested out a bootcamp workout and we went rock climbing, where I tweaked a muscle in my chest. So annoying, I had to baby it a little the rest of the trip, but that didn’t stop us. We spent a few hours at the skate park the second day, and I won’t lie I’m getting pretty good on my longboard. I have never been to a skate park before I’ve just ridden down roads, so it was brand new, but definitely something I’m going to continue! The next day we hiked the incline, which is a .88 mile stairway up a mountain that rises 2000 ft in elevation, then ran the 3 mile trail back down. That made me nice and sore. The next two days we skated for a few hours at a time, and I did a body weight core workout. My legs are seriously feeling all the skating!!

Traveling is always so much fun, but getting back home is always very welcomed. I’m looking forward to being back into my own bed and preparing my own food in my own kitchen:)

When I get home and get my school work all settled- Let the bulking begin! I will keep you posted!:))

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