18 Weeks Out!

As you can see, I am 18 weeks out from another show!! (How could I not??) I have decided to do the Seven Feathers Competition on October 18th. I had debated about going to figure, but I’ve decided to stay with bikini for now - I don’t think my body is quite ready for that. I have however, made it a goal of mine to gain some muscle in my legs, so I have started this prep cycle out with a serious 4 week leg strength olympic lifting cycle. It entails anywhere from 3-10 reps of 65-85% of lifts like back squats, snatches, clean & jerks, and deadlifts along with a mini cardio burn out at the end of lighter days. I very much enjoy this kind of lifting because, especially as a woman, it is very empowering to be able to move something heavy. I now see why little boys are always trying to lift big rocks or move huge logs, it brings a sense of accomplishment. Another great thing about olympic lifting is that it requires not just being strong but overall body strength as well as coordination which is extremely functional and very challenging...I like a challenge:) Included in my training currently is my outdoor bootcamp class twice a week in the evenings, which has really kept the soreness of lifting at bay, and I just started soccer kickarounds so I'll have that once or twice a week as well. To sustain all the heavy lifting I have also increased my calories again to about 2500 calories, and am back to lots of good fats and high protein.

On a side note: I will be instructing another class in July!!

Monday & Wednesday- 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Riverside Park

$35 / month

I include a little bit of everything with yoga, games, high intensity interval training, races, and different challenges that make exercising fun! IMO this is the best way to workout in the summer time. You’re outside enjoying the sunshine and the company (or at least suffering) of other people. Plus, it goes by much faster and works muscles that you didn’t even know you had! Grab a friend and join me!!:)

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