Transformation Tuesday!!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but here it finally is. This is the transformation of a wonderful friend of mine. We met at work and the first day we worked together I told her about the competition I was doing and began trying to convince her to compete with me. As a mom of 3 one can see why this may not sound ideal, but it wasn’t hard to talk her into; the next day she walked into the office and declared “OK. I’ll do it. You have to help me though.”

Boom. She was fully committed.

This transformation was not easy for her, however. During the 20 weeks of training up to the competition she began to find it hard to give her body the nutrients it needed due to some severe food allergies including fructose [found in fruits and some vegetables], sugar, soy, sucrose and a wide array of other things. It worked in her favor in some ways because it required her to be very strict on diet, but miserable quite often throughout the weeks while finding new things she was allergic to. Another issue that appeared about 12 weeks out was the reoccurrence of diastasis recti, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles, often found in women after pregnancy. She was forced to work around it in training to supplement for core, as well as doing extra exercises at home to strengthen those muscles and was quite successful in doing both. Even through those things though, this girl kept showing up and giving it her all and she killed it! She placed 3rd in 5’3” and under which qualified her to compete in a national competition!

But she gained much more from that competition than just a great physique. She acquired a new confidence to pursue different career goals, learned much about her body and reaped the reward of the amazing feeling you get when you set goals and not just reach, but surpass them!

Congratulations again, Gorgeous!!

I had such a blast on this journey with her and am sad to say that new goals have taken her a different direction so she will not be joining me in the next competition:,(. It won’t be the same without her, but I am so incredibly proud of her and everything she has accomlished<333

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