I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote, “Excuses are like ***holes, everyone has them and they all stink.” I love this. Okay, it’s a little crude but it’s just SO TRUE! I hear so many people who say they want to start working out, they want to start eating better, but as soon as the first opportunity arises to do either they will find every reason in the book why they can’t start today. It's extremely frustrating so I’m here to put the kaibosh on every single one of them.

  • “I’ll start Monday”- Putting it off one more day won’t make it any less painful. Start when you first think about it. In fact, that’s the best time because you are already motivated enough to want it. So as soon as you say “I’ll start Monday”, you should throw on some workout gear and get down on some burpees!!

  • “I can’t afford it”- There are too many options out there for this excuse to be valid. There are endless hours of workout videos online for FREE! If you’re a gym person, there are usually expenses that if budgeted correctly could be replaced with a gym membership or even personal training. Do you get your hair or nails done? There’s a monthly gym membership, and once you start working out people won’t be looking at your hair or nails but your bulging biceps instead;)

  • “I have dinner plans” - Great! No better place to start practicing making good choices than when you are out with friends. Hopefully they will be supportive and you can be a positive influence on them if nothing else. There are healthy options no matter where you go.

  • “I don’t want anyone to see me like this”- The only person who cares what you look like, is you. If you are unhappy with the way you look then you should be the first person you want to appease. The irony is that most people at the gym have that same fear, so everyone is too busy worrying about how they look themselves to judge you, but that is what keeps many people away. Don’t worry yourself with the opinions of others.

  • Lastly, my favorite- “Will it be hard? I don’t want to kill myself…” – YES! IT WILL BE HARD! It will be damn hard and it never gets easier! However, it WILL be WORTH IT, and you will get stronger. You will become tough physically and mentally, you will be able to overcome obstacles not just in the gym but in life. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of pride in yourself because YOU earned it and no one can take that from you.

Okay, maybe not EVERY excuse, but those are a few of the most popular anyway. The reality is that it comes down to how badly you want it? What is it worth to you?

In the end, it is YOUR body, YOUR health, and YOUR choice. Make the right one.

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