Steady State Cardio Exposed Part 3: What SHOULD you do?

Like I’ve said before, it’s not going to kill you to go for an afternoon jog once a week if it’s something you truly enjoy, but for those of you who would rather die than step on a treadmill you have plenty of other options!

First and foremost I HIGHLY advise incorporating strength training into your weekly routine. Not only does increased muscle mass increase metabolic fat burning even at resting heart rate, but weight training has been proven to improve bone density. If applied correctly, strength training can help correct any muscular imbalances present while at the same time aiding in fat loss.

H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) is another alternative to steady state cardio that not only saves you time, but can build you muscle while getting the benefits of aerobic exercise. The idea is to go as fast and as hard as you can for 30-60 seconds, then rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat for 20-40 min. Because you have the rest intervals, your heart rate does not stay increased but is exerted during the high intensity work. You can use these intervals with running and biking if you must, but I prefer to implement multi-muscle plyometrics and weight bearing exercises with these intervals like burpees, box jumps, pushups, thrusters, wall balls and jump rope!

Try to implement these methods into this weeks workout routine, you won’t be disappointed!


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