Homemade Quest Bars

Okay, so I’m going to disclaimer this recipe before I get into anything else. The outcome of this recipe HIGHLY depends on the type of protein powder used as well as the ingredients used to make the different flavors. Each bar has come out with a slightly different texture, however, they’ve all solidified in the fridge and come out pretty close to a real quest bar.

The procedure is the same with all the bars.

  1. Heat IMO syrup over low heat until white bubbles form.

  2. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

  3. When bubbles form, pour syrup into dry mixture and stir until blended to soft “doughy” consistency. You should be able to form it into a ball and have it somewhat hold its shape. If your bars are crumbly, add another TBSP of the syrup while mixing.

  4. Roll it out onto saran wrap into desired bar shape then place in fridge.

  5. Let cool for 2-3 hours before trying to cut, then wrap individually.

Chocolate Peanut Coconut Bar (2 or 3 bars)

5 TBSP IMO prebiotic fiber syrup

¼ cup chocolate whey protein powder

1 scoop Orgain chocolate plant protein

1.5 tbsp powdered peanut butter

2 tbsp coconut chips

2 tbsp cocoa nibs

sprinkle of salt

Lemon Ginger Chia Bar (2 or 3 bars)

5 tbsp IMO prebiotic fiber syrup

½ cup vanilla MRM Egg White Protein

2 tbsp chopped candied ginger

1.5 tbsp chia seeds

¼ tsp Lemon Baking Emulsion (1/2 tsp extract or zest)

sprinkle of salt

White Chocolate Cranberry Bar (2 or 3 bars)

5 tbsp IMO prebiotic fiber

½ cup vanilla MRM Egg White Protein

2 tbsp chopped apple juice sweetened craisins

2 tbsp raw cacao butter

sprinkle salt

(add in raw cacao butter after everything else is mixed and cooled slightly so it doesn’t melt completely)


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