4 Ways to Increase Difficulty of Exercise w/o Adding Weight

You’re stuck at home, don’t have any weights and are sick of billion rep workouts.

I get it. I gotch-you.

Here are 4 different ways to increase the difficulty of an exercise without adding weight!

Number 1- Tempo.

The tempo or speed of an exercise is a simple variation to adjust that can make an exercise kiiillleeerrr.

A common tempo is 2-1-2 (2 seconds down, 1 second at the bottom, 2 seconds up), so if you slooooowwww that way down to maybe a 4-2-4 or there’s even a method called extreme slows where you take up to a minute to complete a rep you’re simply creating more time under tension - which is exactly what we need to build muscle.

Number 2- Isometrics

Hold at the hardest point of the lift for as long as you possibly can while you create intentional tension throughout your entire body. Find that mind muscle connection to not just go through the motion but ENGAGE the muscle groups you’re trying to target.

Number 3 - Pulses

Add 1/2 reps, or shorten your range of motion to MAINTAIN TENSION throughout the movement. Again, time under tension.

Number 4 - Pauses

Stop at the hardest part of the lift for a designated period of time 3-10 seconds depending on how much weight you have (if any).

Stop making excuses why you can’t workout.

Something is better than nothing and the best thing you could do for your body right now is MOVE IT!


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