Jlo & Shakira Super Bowl Show

As someone who believes in the need to empower women, not only with physical strength but mental fortitude as well - I feel I need to give my .02c on the Super Bowl show. I personally find it HILARIOUS and insanely ironic that everyone is so offended by it given what most of society deems acceptable in other circumstances (what are people not offended but these days though). Keep in mind the only reason I even watched it was to see what the hype was about - I actually really hate football.

Let’s start with the fact that not only are Jlo & Shakira two extremely talented singers, musicians (Shakira on the guitar AND drums) and also straight up ATHLETES, they also BOTH fund/organize some amazing charities for women & kids. Now we can talk about the energy output those ladies had on stage was pretty unreal ESPECIALLY given their age - considering I’m not even 30 and I was exhausted just watching them.

So yes, they wore some skimpy outfits - but I don’t recall the last performance put on by ANYONE famous that was what I would call “modest”, and it was no less coverage than most bathing suits. Plus by the time you’re 50 you should know better than to care about what people think about what you wear;)

And yes, they shook their asses quite a bit but last I checked thats pretty much what dancing IS - however did you see that FOOTWORK?? Or were YOU the pervert that couldn’t take your eyes off the backside…? Who’s problem is this really about? Plus belly dancing has always been Shakiras thing, not to mention a hugely cultural thing, so thats not exactly new…

As for the pole, Jlo barely even DID anything on it but hold herself up there for WAY longer than I could have, however, pole dancing is an ART and at this point simply another way to express strength and human movement - how people use it is up to them.

I think what those two women did on stage was POWERFUL and spoke LOUDLY to the world about a lot of things that people need to hear.

So now, lets talk about the fact that YOU’RE watching the Super Bowl. A multi BILLION dollar event that funds men knocking their heads together for amounts of money that most people can’t even fathom because we as a society have deemed that entertainment.

I’m not judging you.

I don’t care what you do.

I think we should just all be aware of our choices, our judgements and the effects those things have on the world.

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