Power List

Does your to-do list go on for a mile. Do you find yourself thinking or planning so many things that you don't actually ever end up getting to any of them??

If you're like a lot of people you've found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands that you may or may not be making the most of...

Enter, the POWER LIST. Thank you @Andyfrisella for the idea and @erindimond for introducing it to me!

The idea of the power list is simple.

When you have too many things on your plate its easy to get overwhelmed and feel like there's never enough time in the day. What the power list does is prioritize your daily To-do list and break it down into the TOP 5 things that MUST get accomplished TODAY.

So have your notebook or your planner and a place to write your MASTER TO DO LIST. This is what you will create your Power List from.

Every morning, take a sticky note or your daily journal (wherever you will look the most) and write down your TOP 5 things to get done.

This doesn't always have to be chores or projects though - this is a really great tool to use if you're trying to create new habits (like working out or getting your water in), if its a non-negotiable it goes on the list! Once you can do it without thinking about it, you don't have to write it down anymore.

If you don't get something done, it goes to the top of tomorrows Power List.

The this is a powerful tool for a couple of reasons...

1. It prioritizes. Like I said it's easy to have a list that is just overwhelming and can sometimes lead to get nothing at all done so by picking the top ones it allows you to focus on the most important ones.

2. It empowers. It feels GOOD to cross things off a list and have a sense of accomplishment for the day. If you have a list a mile long of things that never get done (which is only ever being added to right?) you end the day feeling like "dang, I still have so much to do" instead of feeling like you got something accomplished!

So bust out those sticky notes and let me see your power lists!!


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