You're doing too much!

“You’re doing too much, do less”

I see this mistake ALL THE TIME…

I used to think if I wasn’t feeling like I was going to die, breathing hard, dripping sweat and leaving the gym barely able to walk that I didn’t get a good workout.

If I wasn’t sore the next day, it didn’t count.

Well I’m happy to tell you thats not the case, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be working hard, but you should also be RESTING. If you’re lifting heavy and trying to build muscle you have to let your body recover between sets. When looking at strength and even hypertrophy gains the determining factor is VOLUME. Even if you’re looking to lose fat as a priority, we want to do so with minimal muscle loss and there is absolutely a point of diminishing returns when it comes to output. More output doesnt necessarily = more fat loss.


If you are resting adequately between sets you will be able to lift more WEIGHT equating in more VOLUME.

This means for all out strength sets (1-5 reps), you should be resting at LEAST 2 minutes but more optimally if you're lifting at true efforts it might take 3-5 minutes to fully replenish the muscles. You should feel like you need that rest if you’re truly giving those reps your all.

For hypertrophy goals for main compound lifts (8-12 reps) you should be resting at LEAST 60 seconds up to 2 mins.

For any endurance volume/accessory work you should be resting 30-60 seconds..

And by rest, I mean static stretching, maybe some light mobility work - this doesnt mean plyos, this doesnt mean a different exercise, or jump rope. (Unless its an intentional superset which is a whole different application but the rest periods still apply!)

This means sit your butt down and CHILL so your body can recover.

I get wanting to efficient with your workout, and you can be - but the definition of efficiency is the greatest effectiveness in the shortest amount of time and just doing MORE doesn’t always mean effective.

Thats why having an intelligent and INTENTIONAL training plan is so important. There are times to work harder and there are times to work smarter.

Learn when to apply those!

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